About Us

Where are the Black Designers is an initiative which aims to give a platform to creatives of color. By connecting designers, educators, and creative leaders we hope to start a dialogue about change in and out of the design industry.


From Cheryl D. Miller’s 1987 PRINT Magazine article, “Black Designers Missing in Action,” to today, there is an entire legacy and lineage of black designers searching for answers which cannot and should not be ignored.

Where are the Black Designers takes Cheryl's work, as well as Maurice Cherry's 2015 SXSW presentation, and builds upon them to provide solutions to this rhetorical question. This year there is a sense of urgency and attention around the lack of representation in the design industry — this is so important. As we push forward together we must be mindful of the past and strategic about the future. Make no mistake: this is a movement, not a moment.

There are many other organizations, talks, and articles with the same goal in mind. Here are a few to learn from and support:

︎︎︎ Where are the black designers? — Talk by Maurice Cherry
︎︎︎ Black Designers Missing In Action — Article by Cheryl D. Miller
︎︎︎ Black Designers Still Missing In Action? — Article by Cheryl D. Miller
︎︎︎ Black In Design — Biannual Conference
︎︎︎ An Oral History of the Organization of Black Designers — Article by Sela Lewis 
︎︎︎ HUE Design Summit — Annual Conference 
︎︎︎ 2019 AIGA Design Census — Powerful data project by Antionette D. Carroll

This is an ongoing list that will be updated regularly.